Fr John Wall Community Library

In 2009 the Fr John Wall Community Library was established at the Huntingfield Campus of St Aloysius Catholic College and currently resides at the Fr John Wall Centre within the Archdiocesan offices in New Town. The collection of materials consists of over 13,000 catalogued items from the Tasmanian Pastoral Resource Centre, the Fr John Wall bequest, and a substantial number of books from Archbishop Guilford Young and the St John Fisher College Library. There are also books from Archbishop Eric D’Arcy and those bequeathed by a number of Diocesan Priests of the Archdiocese.

Fr John Wall left a magnificent collection of books including a 1477 Latin Vulgate Bible and many books of great historical and literary value that have been viewed by a diverse range of people including  students and the previous Australian Papal Nuncio, Archbishop Lazzarotto.

The Library continues to serve the needs of people working and studying in schools and parishes around Tasmania.  New resources have been purchased to ensure the collection is current to support Good News for Living, the Religious Education curriculum and parish catechetical program, and are in line with the objectives of the Archbishop’s Charter for Catholic Schools.

The Library also houses a collection of resources for Religious Education and theological and scripture study.  These are available within the Archdiocese for loan by contacting the Manager via the Southern Regional Office Fr John Wall Centre.

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The Catholic education community is indebted to the kindness and foresight of Fr John Wall whose vision of a community library came to fruition through this new centre of learning.


Fr John Wall

Fr John Wall

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