Andrew Pinelli

Experience teaching in Catholic schools right across Australia has strengthened Andrew Pinelli’s ongoing engagement with Catholic Education.

“[I have enjoyed] working in partnership between home, school and Church to develop young people into the citizens of the future. Being able to share our strong faith tradition with young people and see them enthused to be part of what we are doing in regards to service and outreach no matter what their faith background.” 

Mr Pinelli is Head of Junior School at St Virgil’s College, a post he has held since 2013. Nurturing relationships with students and supporting their development has been key to his continued love for teaching. 

“Building relationships with families and students. Seeing the sense of achievement when a student discovers that they can do something that they thought might not be possible. Being part of the development of a student from a young child to one knocking on the door of being a teenager and knowing that you have done the best you can to help that child in partnership with their parents.”

Testament to Mr Pinelli’s achievements in Catholic Education are the grants that he has secured for education throughout his career, which he lists as a highlight.

“Obtaining a variety of grants in competitive schemes to add enhancements to my schools and being able to contribute to a $3 million ‘Building the Education Revolution’ project has been particularly satisfying.”