Jane Doyle

Dominic College teacher Jane Doyle’s passion for teaching is clear, and her inspirational 25 years of service have been built on fostering a sense of community across the Catholic schools that she has served.

“There are many things I like about teaching: the collegiality between teachers, developing partnerships with parents, the recent development of a national curriculum to guide us… the list goes on!”

“The thing I like most about teaching is sharing the moment a child 'gets it' – the lightbulb moment! It does not matter what strand, subject or concept you are teaching the moment you see that a child totally understands it, is sensational.”

“The thing I enjoy most about being involved in Catholic Education is the community of faith and friendship that exists across our schools between teachers, children and parents. I think these relationships are key to implementing excellent programs and pathways for all students to achieve.”

Mrs Doyle’s positive outlook extends to the future of Catholic Education in Tasmania.

“I hope that we continue to develop – our facilities, schools, curriculum and progressive attitude to providing and expecting excellence – to enable our students and teachers to be strong, resilient, creative, inventive, competitive, successful and happy citizens.”

Reflecting on her career so far, Mrs Doyle pinpoints the pride felt when conversing with ex-students.

“There have been many [highlights of teaching] but I guess one of the major ones is when I see a student again after 25 years and they still remember me (and I remember them!!) and they can tell me something we did in that year which has stayed with them for all this time. Seeing them with children is scary but I need to remember many of them were only 5 when I taught them!”