Tony Brennan

Tony Brennan has spent over 25 years working in Catholic education in Tasmania, encouraging and inspiring students to think about the ‘biggest questions’.

As a teacher, Mr Brennan taught at St Virgil’s College, Guilford Young College and Sacred Heart College, then served as Head of Campus at the Hobart Flexible Learning Centre. Additionally he served the state through his role as a leader for Mission and Religious Education at the Tasmanian Catholic Education Office, which enabled him to visit all 38 catholic schools around the state… along with his trusty guitar!

The highlight of Mr Brennan’s years of service was his experience at the Hobart Flexible Learning Centre in 2016.

“I learnt more about young people in need and how to serve in justice and compassion and I learned more about myself and people in general than ever before. It is a very innovative new school and it is critically important for its young people.”

Mr Brennan notes that one of the challenges faced throughout his career was promoting an understanding of Catholicism to school communities, which consist of not only students but also staff and parents.

“Catholicity is not an identity but a God's hope for a big-tent Church, a field hospital church that cares deeply about the hearts and lives of all people, especially those who are pushed aside by society.”