Strand 1 – Accreditation to Work in a Catholic School

All employees (teaching and non-teaching staff, including office and ancillary staff) are required to hold Strand 1.  This involves a total of 6 points (6 hours contact time at approved Professional Learning sessions equates to 1 point).  Once Strand 1 is achieved, it is maintained by gaining further points (3 points over 3 years)

Strand 2.1/2.2 – Accreditation to Teach Religious Education in Catholic Schools

Primary Classroom teachers, and Secondary teachers of Religious Education are required to hold Strand 2.1/2.2, either in a full capacity or provisionally.  This is 30 Accreditation points, gained by completing approved RE Accreditation courses.

Strand 2.3/2.4 – Accreditation for Leadership in a Catholic School

Strand 2.3/2.4 applies to leadership positions at a middle management level.  It is achieved by gaining 30 accreditation points in the domain of leadership.

Strand 3 – Accreditation for Senior Leadership in a Catholic School/ System

Strand 3 applies to senior leadership personnel: Principals, Deputy Principals, Assistant Principals, TCEO Heads of Service and other senior leadership personnel.  To be eligible for Strand 3, applicants must have both Strand 2.1/2.2 and Strand 2.3/2.4.  Strand 3 accreditation requires an additional 30 points (above the points gained from previous Strands), from either Leadership or RE domains.

All Strands have a maintenance component, which must be met, once Accreditation levels are attained.

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For further information, please refer to the Accreditation Policy  or contact the Accreditation administrator.

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