Around the Schools

Just Leadership Days

Just Leadership Days coordinated by Caritas Australia aim to encourage students to become leaders for justice within their schools and communities.  Advocating for local and global change, the Just Leadership Days provide students with activities and discussions to enhance their leadership skills and encourage them to challenge injustices and provide them with the tools to encourage others to do the same.

Select Year 5 Catholic students from across Tasmania recently participated in regional Just Leadership Days held at Mount Carmel College, Stella Maris Catholic School and St Anthony’s Catholic School.  Students from schools within each region gathered to learn about the work of Caritas Australia, local and global issues, and the qualities of a good leader.  Students ended the sessions by creating posters about Caritas’ Project Compassion to share with their fellow students. 

Just Leadership Days


Arthur Conlon

Aboriginal artist Arthur Conlon has been touring Catholic schools in Tasmania and working with students to create artworks ranging from small individual pieces to large murals for display in schools.  Students were excited to work with Arthur to create their own works of art.  Arthur talked with students about his life, sang songs and a few lucky students were able take home some of Arthur’s artwork to display alongside their own!

Aboriginal Art I 


Lunar Living

During National Science Week and to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the first Moon landing, the School of Physical Sciences held a competition for students to design a Lunar Living Pod. The pod had to have living quarters, research labs, food storage and growing spaces, as well as functioning recyclable facilities such as water processing plants and waste recycling.  Star of the Sea Catholic College students Hannah, Madi and Rikki impressed the judges with their pod.  For their efforts they won a night sky projection kit that they assembled by themselves! 

Lunar Living Pod


Birthday celebrations

On Tuesday 27 October, Father Terry Yard celebrated his 75th Birthday. Father Yard was invited to Our Lady of Mercy Catholic School for morning tea with the staff. Students at the school made cards for Father Yard and an assembly was held after morning tea to present them to him. Students and staff all sang Happy Birthday to Father Yard, who he told that he shares a birthday with 'Basil Fawlty'.

Birthday celebrations