Healthy habits for life

Sacred Heart Catholic School Geeveston was recently recognised with a Move Well Eat Well Award.

Move Well Eat Well is an initiative of the Tasmanian Department of Health and Human Services and encourages schools to promote physical activity and healthy eating for all students through an Award Program.

Creating healthy habits for life is the basis of the Move Well Eat Well Program and students at Sacred Heart Catholic School regularly enjoy fruit, vegetables and healthy snacks.  The School is taking every opportunity to back up health eating through activities outside the classroom and the students are also appreciating the regular physical activity and active play sessions.

Sacred Heart Catholic School is one of 23 Catholic schools in Tasmania participating in the Move Well Eat Well program, and the eighth Catholic school in Tasmania to be recognised with an Award for their sustainable, whole school approach.

"As a Move Well Eat Well school we have a strong focus on good nutrition and lots of physical activity at Sacred Heart Catholic School in Geeveston.  Everyone at our school is right behind the program,” said Principal, Mr Luch Brighella.

“Our Parents and Friends Association have provided great support by sponsoring our ‘Tasty Tuesday Platters’ where different classes get to try a whole range of healthy food options.  Our MWEW coordinator, Anna Demarco and her team are doing a fantastic job implementing different aspects of the MWEW program.  We are all very proud of the MWEW Award that we have received at our School."  

The School community is to be congratulated for providing a positive environment that enables healthy eating and physical activity to be a normal part of every student's day.