Godly play

Godly Play is a practical yet innovative approach to Religious Education and involves telling religious stories using three-dimensional materials to invite listeners into the stories and to connect the stories to their personal experience.

The process was developed in the United States and brings adults and children together in the mystery of God. Godly Play aims to make religion come alive for children and assist them in their spiritual development. It is facilitate in schools by Sr Margaret Henderson from the Tasmanian Catholic Education Office who helps to make the language of religion familiar to students.

Godly Play also provides a way to encourage students to move into larger dimensions of belief and faith and make Christianity part of their daily life. Kindergarten students at St Aloysius Catholic College have recently been engaging with a variety of stories from the Bible through this hands-on experience.

The students gathered in a collaborative circle and Sr Margaret shared stories of Jesus with the Kindergarten students. The students were then given the opportunity to ask questions and respond to the stories in their own way through a creative activity such as using games, books, puzzles or artwork.