JJAMM packed

When students at MacKillop Catholic College decided to engage the College community in fundraising, they delivered a week-long program of fun for their fellow students and College staff.

JJAMM Week focused on celebrating the life, work and values of their namesake Saint Mary MacKillop and the significant people in her life such as Joseph, and Julian Tenison Woods who, together with Mary MacKillop, founded the Josephite Sisters in 1866.

Jam donuts warmed up a snowy Monday lunchtime and provided much needed sustenance for the week ahead. An early highlight in the week was the visit from guest speaker Sr Anne-Marie Gallagher, Australia’s youngest Josephite nun, who shared her inspiring story with the students.

Bragging rights were up for grabs in a staff versus students netball game on Tuesday with the staff victorious over the students taking the game out 28 to 4. The action hotted up on Wednesday with a relay race, tennis ball passing game and a nail-biting egg and spoon race.

The College’s Vocational Education and Training catering team swung into action on Thursday morning to replenish reserves providing a breakfast feast before the College community attended a Feast Day Mass with Fr Peter O’Loughlin.

A visit from the Mister Whippy Van in the afternoon provided a nice entrée for those stepping up to the plate in the annual Jelly Eating Competition.

Friday saw another round of staff versus students, this time facing off on the basketball court. Staff again proved their mettle taking out their second win of the week.

All this frivolity was of course with a purpose: throughout the week sales of food and additional fundraising was conducted to continue to support works in Timor-Leste, a project close to the heart of the College community.