From the Director


Director's Christmas Message

In the Christmas song, “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”, we find the following lines:

“He knows when you’ve been sleeping,

  He knows when you’re awake,

  He knows if you’ve bad or good,

  So be good for goodness sake.”

So, why is Santa Claus coming to you? Because you’ve been good; he’s been watching you and he’s coming, provided you have been good. It’s quite possible that some people might think that, about God, at Christmas. We go through Advent putting ourselves in order, as we wait for His coming; God comes because we are good. This would mean that God is like some Cosmic Santa Claus who watches us all the time, who knows everything we do – this is true – but, does He tell us to be good or He won’t give us anything? We’d all be in trouble if this was true!

Because we are human and live with limitations, we have great difficulty in understanding Jesus at Christmas; God gave us Jesus even though we were not good. God does not reward us for being good, because God’s love for us is unconditional, it is unexpected love, it is the love of a true father. The gift of Jesus at Christmas is difficult to understand, because God’s love for us is beyond our expectations.

God does not reward us for being good, because God’s love for us is unconditional

Also difficult to understand, is the manner in which God’s gift to us arrived. Jesus was born in the humblest of circumstances, in an animal shelter and placed in the animal’s feed box. You could have imagined how shocked the Magi would have been to see where the King was born. But the real story of the first Christmas is not meant to meet our expectations or desires of what the Christmas story should be like. Jesus did not come to meet our expectations or desires; He came to meet our needs.

Jesus came as He did, to make it clear that no one and no place was beneath His dignity. The first Christmas was a strange story, a story of humility, a story without royal robes, a story without even a proper bed.

So much about Christmas is unexpected and it’s difficult to receive God’s gift to us, when we simply don’t deserve it. However, God wants us to receive eternal life through Jesus as a gift to us. An old mediaeval poem has this thought for us to ponder:

             “Though Christ a thousand times

               Be born in Bethlehem,

               If He’s not born in you,

               Your heart is still forlorn.”

As this will be the last Connections for the year on behalf of the Tasmanian Catholic Education Office, I wanted to convey our deep appreciation for your ministry as Catholic educators,  staff and friends throughout 2015.

Every blessing and much appreciation for all that has been shared and accomplished during this year.

Peace and Best Wishes for a Happy and Joyous Christmas.



Yours in Hope

John Mula
Director of Catholic Education